Struggling with Infertility?

We offer comprehensive infertility services that include personal coordination of your care by our infertility nurse, individualized counseling and education, in-house laboratory services, and guidance regarding insurance. Find out more information here.

Our state of the art diagnostic and therapeutic technology is located right on site. 

We're sensitive to the fact that infertility can be incredibly challenging. Partners of any age and background have a unique experience that requires specialized attention. Our staff happily pledges to treat you and your partner with respect, care, and individualized counseling every step of the way.

Our state of the art diagnostic and therapeutic technology is located right on-site. Plus, we're closer than you think! You don't need to drive to Columbus or Cleveland to work with highly-trained physicians and infertility specialists.   You will work with our own infertility specialist from Columbus right here in Mansfield. 

We work with couples and insurance companies to minimize financial strain and make our infertility testing and treatment services as affordable as possible. 

Our onsite, board certified, infertility specialists use a variety of laboratory tests and diagnostic ultrasound procedures to determine if and why you and/or your partner are infertile. Common reasons include ovulation disorders, endometriosis, polycystic ovary syndrome, and low sperm count. Based on the results of our infertility testing, our interdisciplinary team works with you to determine the best course of assisted reproductive treatment for you and your partner. We hold ourselves to the highest standard of care in order to keep the risks of complications extremely low and to ensure the health of mother, baby, and family.   We are proud of our above average success rate of pregnancy with our fertility patients.

Since 1940, the staff at Women's Care, Inc. has been providing compassionate and specialized infertility treatment services to couples from Mansfield and surrounding Ohio communities.

We're cost-conscious

We're committed to excellence!

We're convenient!

We're compassionate!

Now is the time to take the right steps in managing your health. Our staff is available to make sure you get the best medical care available. Request an appointment online or by giving us a call at 419-756-6000.