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Our highly trained team of physicians, nurses, and specialists at Women's Care, Inc., of Mansfield, Ohio care deeply about women's health and we know you do too. We also know that you give thanks for your many blessings, including family and friends who care about your well being. We challenge every woman to be one of their own best friends and advocates by undergoing regular mammography screenings to promote prevention, early intervention, and above all, peace of mind. 


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‘ If you didn't do such a good job with the mammogram images my cancer may not have been found. ’



What Is A Mammogram? 

Mammography screenings are xrays taken of the breasts that can check for early signs of breast cancer. At our facility in Mansfield, our radiologists are on-site to read and recommend the follow-up plan of care.  Digital mammography screenings are often better at detecting signs of cancer, especially in women have dense breast tissue, or are under the age of 50. 

When Should I Get Mammography Screenings?

Every woman is different, so guidelines on when to undergo mammography screenings may not be a "best fit" for every person. That said, most women are encouraged to begin getting mammography screenings every year from age 40.  Women who are considered at high risk for breast cancer including women with a family history of breast cancer or breast cancer gene mutations--are encouraged to receive breast screenings every year starting around age 35.

Are Mammography Screenings Safe? 

Yes. In general, mammography screenings are considered safe and potentially life-saving. It's important to talk to your doctor and our women's health team about your individual risks vs. benefits for mammograms. 

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