Everyone here is wonderful! The nurses are all so caring and make you feel super comfortable. Dr. Elizabeth Chung is amazing. She helped me get through a very difficult pregnancy and even rushed to the hospital on her lunch break from Women's Care to help assist in my emergency C-section. Now I have my sweet son, Sullivan, and can't wait to bring him in to meet all the ladies who helped keep he and I safe for 9 months. I cannot recommend Women's Care enough!!

Denise Woodard

Dr. McMillan is my very favorite doctor there! He delivered my son, my daughter, and I am going to have him deliver my son that is due in November. He is an amazing advocate for his patients! I highly recommend him! I think highly of all the staff, there as well. The ultrasound ladies are pretty amazing too!

Nicole Schopp

Dr. McMillan delivered my first in November 2014, and was awesome! Now I just gave birth to my second on July 8, 2016 who was delivered by Dr. Subit. I have nothing but amazing things to say about Dr. Subit, he was wonderful throughout my entire pregnancy and even more so during my delivery. I'm truly blessed that he was the one to deliver my son, he has great bedside manner and I believe he genuinely cares about his patients and the babies he delivers. He made sure I was completely comfortable with every decision and did his best to follow my wishes. I highly recommend this practice as a whole, all of the Drs and staff are wonderful. I have no complaints!

Brittany Deaton

Dr. Capaldo, whom is now retired, delivered my son in 2013 and I loved him! I am now seeing Dr. Wilson for my third pregnancy and he is also amazing!


Dr. Wilson is amazing I had to rush to the er for bleeding at 30 weeks and test results where not even back yet and he kept checking in on me and all of a sudden my baby's heart beat dropped and I was rushed to c-section and he got her out just in time to save her and come to find out my placenta tore and I could have died too thanks to Dr. Wilson we are both doing great!!!

Beth Weikle

Won't ever go anywhere else! Dr. Wilson is by far the best doctor on the planet! I would recommend him to anyone

Sarah Klecka

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