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This class is intended to help your understanding of the birthing process.  Participants will learn about all phases of labor, pain management, relaxation, when to go to the hospital, and what to expect.  Pain relief options and comfort measures will be discussed.  Class fee is $20 per patient.  Sign up at your next appointment.

2024 Class Schedule:

Class Times are 6:30-8:15 pm

January 15th

March 18th

May 20th

July 15th

September 16th

November 18th


Our lactation consultant will educate you on the art of breastfeeding.  Topics will include the physiological process of lactation, infant feeding cues, positioning, nutrition, the storage of breastmilk, and more.  The class fee is $10 per patient.  Sign up at your next appointment or call the office.

2024 Class Schedule:

Class times are 6-8 pm

February 20th

April 23rd

June 18th

August 20th

October 15th

December 17th

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